Lifting the 200-yard restriction on hunting deer over bait has many hunters seeding their private property with salts licks, food plots and other sources of bait.

While there’s still a couple of months until hunting season, time is running out for creating a habitat for healthy, plump deer.

If this is your first time implementing a strategy to attract deer to your property, with regard to food plots the Whitetail Institute advises to carefully decide how many food plots you’ll plant and where to put them.

Don’t plot where the deer can be seen from a road, and be conscious that the screening provided by vegetation in the spring and summer will likely be gone by deer season.

The Whitetail Institute also says not to hunt directly on feeding plots, or at least do so very rarely.

“You want your deer to consider your feeding plots as safe zones so that they purposefully head for them when they leave their bedding areas in the afternoon,” said a recent post.

The post also discussed what seed blends to plant, taking into account the characteristics of the site and making sure the soil has a pH between 6.5 and 7.5 (which may require a laboratory soil test). You should also mmake sure the seedbed is free of all existing vegetation, and fertilize appropriately.

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