New brand at Country Folks Superstore – Bear Hug Honey Company! This awesome local company makes the tastiest infused honey flavors around, and you can come sample and purchase them at Country Folks!

The Best Infused Honey by an Awesome Local Company

Bear Hug Honey was started in 2017 by Sam Johnson, a graduate of the University of North Georgia. Johnson graduated with a degree in Agricultural Economics, and upon volunteering at farmer’s markets he discovered that he had a passion for honey and honeybees. Johnson started his honey company as a way to share this enthusiasm with others, and as well as selling his products to companies such as Country Folks, Johnson also operates a Specialty Honey and Bee-Themed Shop in downtown Athens. He also operates an International Honey-Tasting Bar so that everyone can experience the sweet taste of different types of honey from all over the world.

The Health Benefits of Honey…

Honey is an amazingly healthy treat that tastes amazing too. Honey is rich in antioxidants and can help lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol. Studies have shown that honey can help to improve heart health, and a spoonful of honey can help soothe a sort throat or suppress a cough. Honey by itself already tastes amazing, but Bear Hug Honey is especially yummy because of the extra flavors infused into each jar.

… Plus the Taste of So Many Different Flavors

At Country Folks, we carry Bear Hug’s lavender-infused honey, ginger-infused honey and southern sriracha spicy honey. The lavender-infused honey has a pleasant, light floral taste, not too strong and not too weak. The light taste makes the lavender honey perfect for topping biscuits or other pastries. The ginger-infused honey is sweet with a little bit of a kick, and it’s the perfect topper for dishes like roasted vegetables or hot tea. The Southern Sriracha spicy honey is a great balance of flavors – sweet, spicy and a little smoky too. A combination of chiles, vinegar and a lighter honey flavor make this the perfectly balanced honey to top dishes like salmon, pork or stir-fried vegetables. Come in to Country Folks today to sample all three, figure out which one’s your favorite, and support both Bear Hug Honey Company and Country Folks Superstore!

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