Data Provides Strong Ammunition in Gun Debate

For every person, there are 1.2 privately owned firearms in the United States, more than double the gun-per-person rate of any other nation. That’s the finding of an organization in Geneva, Switzerland, that published a Small Arms Survey. In addition to...

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Milo Live-Fire Demos Split-Second Law Enforcement Decisions

We are inundated with the headlines, bodycam videos, and second guessing. From Chicago to Boston, Kansas City, California, and Freguson, Missouri -- infamously -- officer-involved shootings have evolved into a media genre. Forsyth County emerged into the...

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Fariss First CFS ‘Perfect’ Shooter

The first perfect score in GSSF competition at the CFS Gun Range was registerd Monday night (July 8). If you suspect a law enforcement or military background of the shooter, your guess would be way off target. The global medical director at a Fortune 500...

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Baiting and Plotting for Deer Season

Lifting the 200-yard restriction on hunting deer over bait has many hunters seeding their private property with salts licks, food plots and other sources of bait. While there's still a couple of months until hunting season, time is running out for creating a habitat...

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Hunter Heaven

The bait and food plot necessities for a great hunting season, now available at Country Folks Superstore. Play Video...

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Pistol Training Hits the Mark

He absorbs the question more with amusement than annoyance. What’s so difficult about discharging a firearm that it necessitates eight hours of instruction? Another “ready-aim-fire” attitude. Bill Goode knows the drill. “Some people anticipate a lot of the...

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