Country Folks is proud to carry both jewelry and book by Kweli Moyo, a fantastic brand by a couple with hearts for the Lord and others. Steve and Donna Taylor are missionaries in Kenya, and they are dedicated to mentoring and encouraging marriages, both in Africa and in America.

The Story Behind Kweli Moyo

Steve Taylor first visited Kenya in 2001 with Walk Thru the Bible Ministries and he immediately felt called to the people of Kenya. Upon returning home, he shared with his wife Donna the calling he felt and they both immediately began praying about it. From 2001 on the Taylors took many trips to Kenya, with groups, with their family, or just as a couple, to love and serve the people there. But a new journey began in 2007 when Kenyan men approached Steve with questions about marriage. Steve started sharing with them what he had learned through his Christian marriage, and the men were open and eager to learn from him. Ever since, Steve and Donna both have been working to invest in marriages in Kenya during their trips. While so many churches and organizations focus on ending the issues of poverty, orphans, AIDS, and hunger, the Taylors felt called to invest in helping make marriages stronger and healthier because this was an issue that is not as much in the forefront. And thus Kweli Moyo (Kiswahili for “true heart”) was born.

The Taylors feel passionately that if marriages and homes began living in ways that honor God, this will make it so there are fewer orphans, fewer widows, less poverty and hunger, and a huge decrease in diseases such as AIDs. Kweli Moyo aims to strengthen marriages by rooting them in God’s truth and guiding them with His Word. For the past four years, Steve and Donna have served in Kenya by teaching at Africa Theological Seminary and mentoring marriages. When they are in America they pour into married couples serving in missions, mentoring and encouraging them.

Awesome Jewelry and Books that are Totally Worth the Read

The Taylors have written several books about what they have learned in their three decades of marriage and about their travels and experiences in Kenya. The books are completely worth the read for anyone, but especially for married couples who are wanting to grow deeper in their relationship with one another and with the Lord. In addition to their books, Kweli Moyo also sells awesome jewelry. The jewelry is made out of recycled soda cans by a Christian Kenyan man, and the money from the sale of the jewelry goes to support Steve and Donna in their missions. To purchase one of the Taylor’s books or a piece of jewelry and support this amazing couple, come in to Country Folks Superstore today!

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