We are inundated with the headlines, bodycam videos, and second guessing. From Chicago to Boston, Kansas City, California, and Freguson, Missouri — infamously — officer-involved shootings have evolved into a media genre.

Forsyth County emerged into the headlines last month with a domestic dispute in which officers fatally shot the gun-carrying husband.

The Milo Live-Fire Simulator provides interactive video depictions of sucn incidents among its more than 800 scenarios. As a public service, we offered news media the opportunity to provide a reporter to experience some simulated domestic disputes and other active-shooter situations. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department graciously consented to providing law enforcement expertise to critique the shooter’s actions.

CBS 46 Atlanta assigned Shon Gables, morning news anchor, to the story. She and Eric Carlton, videographer, came to the range Tuesday, July 17, meeting with Sargeant. David Marsh and Corporal Josh Bell, training coordinators at the Sheriff’s Department. Captain Bill Franco, training department director, observed and Chase Wales, CFS co-owner, operated the Milo System for the shooters.

The segment is expected to air during the 11:00 p.m. newscast on Channel 46 Wednesday, July 25. In the meantime, we assembled some snippets from the shoot with our consumer-grade camcaorder, a tinker toy compared to the equipment and expertise applied by Mr. Carlton of the news station.

The video below captured just some of valuable insights demonstrated. Please be monitoring CBS 46 for the professional rendition.

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