On Thursday February 28th, Christi Thompson will be at the Heavenly Dove at Country Folks Superstore to give a talk about self-worth. Christi is the founder of Beautiful Creation and wants to inspire other women to grow in their walk with Christ, and her talk this week is one of several that she has done here at Country Folks.

About Beautiful Creation

Beautiful Creation is a faith-based women’s outreach program. Through Beautiful Creation, Christi seeks to help women in the community grow both emotionally and spiritually. Beautiful Creation hosts spring Retreat groups and table talks like the one on the 28th about different topics pertaining to women and their spiritual walks. Christi is a licensed professional counselor and does trauma resolution counseling, and a portion of the funds raised through the Beautiful Creation events goes towards a scholarship fund for trauma resolution counseling. Christi loves to teach about neuroscience and Jesus and how amazing God and His Creation are.

An Exploration of Self-Worth

The Beautiful Creation talk on February 28th will be about self-worth. Christi will be helping women to understand where the voices in the internal core come from and how to develop those voices. Women will learn about neuroscience and scripture as Christi leads exercises that will give each person insight into her own internal core and how to re-write what those voices say about each person’s self-worth. The skills from this talk will help women in their roles as wives, mothers, friends and daughters of the King. This table talk will take place twice on Thursday, both in the morning at 10:30am and in the evening at 6:00pm. Donations are appreciated as they go towards providing trauma counseling scholarships in the community. Come over to the Heavenly Dove at Country Folks Superstore and catch one of these times this Thursday – you won’t want to miss this awesome table talk!

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