The newest addition to Xtreme Indoors at Country Folks will be a laser maze! Whether you’re trying to break the laser beams or maneuver between them this is guaranteed to be tons of fun for the whole family AND let you feel like you’re in a super awesome action movie! In celebration of this awesome new attraction opening, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite laser scenes from popular movies to show you just how cool laser mazes are!

1. Entrapment (1999)

An insurance investigator is sent to investigate a missing painting, and somehow ends up in the middle of planning and training to pull off an $8 million dollar heist. Part of this training involves maneuvering around red strings that are supposed to resemble lasers… and talk about an intense scene!

2. Resident Evil (2002)

Okay so maybe not everyone’s quite as good at dodging lasers. In this horror/thriller film, a commando team must break into the “Hive”, an underground genetics laboratory controlled by the Red Queen, an artificial intelligence being, to shut it down before a mutated virus is released into the city. In trying to get into the Red Queen’s chamber, the group triggers a laser defense system that… well, let’s just say it doesn’t end so great.

3. Oceans Twelve (2004)

Dancing around lasers? Now THAT’s the way to do it! That’s exactly what “The Night Fox” does in this action film. Danny Ocean and his crew of thieves must pull off a series of heists and end up in a bet with François Toulour, another master thief known as the Night Fox. In a challenge to steal the famed Fabergé Imperial Coronation Egg, Toulour claims to have used his dancing skills to maneuver his way through a maze of lasers.

Honorable Mention: Mission Impossible (1996)

Did you think we forgot Mission Impossible? Of course we didn’t… this is one of the most well-known spy movies of all time! Here’s the thing: it was going to be #1 on our list until we re-watched the infamous scene in which Ethan Hunt is hanging from the ceiling and it turns out there aren’t even any lasers in the scene! Could have just been us but we thought there were, and as it turns out we were wrong. But either way we still had to include it on our list because there are a crazy number of super cool spy movies throughout the Mission Impossible series, and we know we’re going to be pretending to be Ethan Hunt on another mission when we’re maneuvering around the lasers in the laser maze!

Whichever laser maze scene or movie character is your favorite, the sky is the limit on where your imagination can take you during a game of laser maze at Xtreme Indoors! So come on over to Country Folks and try it out… you’ll be glad you did!

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