On Saturday March 23rd, local author Sherry Crelin will be at Country Folks Superstore at 2pm to read her new children’s book, “My Chickens Lay Eggs”, as part of CFS’s Egg-cellent Vegetable Festival. This is an awesome book for children to learn about the importance of raising chickens, and it will be a book reading you won’t want to miss!

Real Facts Woven Into an Engaging Story

Sherry’s book is written in such a way as to both educate and entertain. While the fun and eye-catching pictures and engaging storyline grab and hold the attention of even the youngest audience member, the book also includes important pieces of information about the raising and care of chickens.

In the book, little Jenny takes readers along on her family’s exciting journey of raising their new flock of chickens. Jenny tells readers how her family got the chickens as babies, raised them and built them a coop. She talks about how her family cares for the chickens and all that goes into getting eggs from them. The story helps children to understand where their food comes from and realize how much responsibility there is in caring for pets, specifically pets like a flock of chickens. There is also an educational resource section in the book with chicken facts for children and important information for adults to know before they consider starting a backyard flock of chickens themselves.

An Author Who Knows All About Chickens

Sherry knows all about chickens, and she is happy to share her experience and knowledge about backyard chicken flocks with both children and adults. She is a lifelong teacher and writer, and she runs a small suburban homestead with chickens, dogs, cats, and organic gardens. She runs a website, chambleeacre.com, that follows her writing projects and homesteading adventures, and “My Chickens Lay Eggs” is her first children’s book.

Come out to CFS on March 23rd to meet Sherry and hear her read her book – this is a great opportunity that you won’t want to miss out on!

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