Southern Grind Knives!

Zac Brown’s Southern Grind Knives are available in the gun room at Country Folks Superstore! These are the perfect blades for any knife enthusiast, made by a great brand with an awesome cause.

High Quality, American Made Blades

Southern Grind is committed to making the best knives and metal works with the most high quality materials and a meticulous attention to detail. The company’s warehouse is located in Peachtree City, GA and all knives are hand assembled there. The company is dedicated to keeping the manufacturing tradition that the country is built on alive and to bringing back jobs to America. Zac Brown, the founder of the company, has always been interested in blade production and design, and Southern Grind was created to personify everything he believes knives should be: dependable, functional and of the highest possible quality. Every product made by the company must meet the high standards set by Zac himself, and the quality of the knives speaks for itself. Not only is the company founded on the principle of making the highest quality, American hand-made knives possible, but one of the main principles that Southern Grind was founded upon is that of giving back to the community. Because of this, the efforts of the company benefit the development of Camp Southern Ground.

A Company with a Cause

Camp Southern Ground is Zac Brown’s passion project, and the profits of Southern Grind help to benefit the camp. Camp Southern Ground is dedicated to helping individuals recognize and magnify their own unique gifts in order to profoundly impact the world. Over the summer, Camp Southern Ground hosts campers for week-long residential camps. The camp serves children from seven to 17 from all walks of life, no matter of their backgrounds, races, religions, or socioeconomic standings. They also bring together typically developing children with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning and attention issues like ADHD or dyslexia, and social or emotional challenges. With kids across America growing up stuck behind screens, struggling to fit in and be themselves, or even being bullied in schools, Camp Southern Ground strives to be a respite for children where they can have fun, eat healthy and good food, connect with other kids who may be different from themselves and learn how to be confident in themselves so they can put good back into the world. The camp is tech-free and aimed at letting kids connect with the world without a screen, let them try new things and even learn about eating healthy by learning from the camp’s own organic farm. In addition to the week-long camps over the summer, Camp Southern Ground is also committed to supporting military and veteran families.

Products by a Patriotic Company

Southern Grind is a company committed to supporting those who sacrifice their lives for their country. This is expressed through Camp Southern Ground too, by teaching summer campers to honor those who fight for their freedom. When camp is not in session, Camp Southern Ground opens their facilities to military organizations. When camp is in session, one of the most important goals is instilling a spirit of patriotism in the children in attendance. Campers participate in a flag ceremony twice a day and receive instruction on how to honor the American Flag, which includes how to raise, lower and fold the flag according to military tradition and official protocol. Camp Southern Ground supports families of military personnel by offering a summer camp experience to kids who have lost a loved one in service to the country or are coping with the deployment of a parent.

Southern Grind Knives Help Advance All of These Goals

All of these amazing nonprofit goals are advanced by the profits from Southern Grind. The products are such awesome, high-quality blades, and getting to help make a difference is a huge added bonus. To buy one of Zac Brown’s Southern Grind knives, support Camp Southern Ground, and shop local, come check out what Southern Grind knives we have in stock at Country Folks!

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