Can be Warm or Cold

Warmies are made out of materials specially suited to be microwave safe and heat resistant. They can be heated in any microwave and are an awesome alternative to hot water bottles or electric blankets. The Warmies only have to be heated for 90 seconds to create 90 minutes of lasting warmth. Warmies can also be chilled. Just seal the Warmie in a plastic bag and freeze it overnight to create a comfortingly plush ice pack for swelling, injuries or fevers.

Lavender and Millet to Calm and Relax

The stuffing in Warmies is 100% natural, and they contain a blend of French lavender and millet to create a calming and relaxing effect. The stuffing package can also be easily removed so the Warmie can be washed. Warmies come in a variety of different options, including slippers, neck Warmies, and the cutest little stuffed animals. Come in to Country Folks Superstore today to find the perfect Warmie for anyone!

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