With so many new and exciting things having just opened at Xtreme Indoors already, there are still more awesome attractions coming soon! And a couple of these fantastic new activities that will be opening soon are two escape rooms! Escape rooms, the super fun adventure where you have an hour to solve the puzzles and unlock the door. But you may be asking yourself: “An hour? Really? What’s so great about being locked in a room for an hour? And I have to figure out how to ESCAPE it? Why in the world would I voluntarily let someone lock me in a room that I then have to solve puzzles to get out of?!?” Well read on — because we’re about to outline some of the reasons why we love escape rooms so much!

First Things First — A Brief History of Escape Rooms

So who came up with the idea of escape rooms in the first place? The “solve the puzzle to escape the room” idea first started with a video game, Crimson Moon, in 2004. In 2007, the Japanese company SCRAP came up with the idea to transform the concept from the video game into a real-life adventure and BAM, Live Escape Rooms were born.

Escape rooms gained popularity across Asia before beginning to appear in Europe, and the first escape franchise, Hint Hunt, opened in Hungary in 2012. From there, escape rooms quickly gained popularity across the world, with the adventure games moving to the United States and the United Kingdom in 2012 and France and Canada in 2013. And today there are thousands of escape rooms worldwide!

Okay… But Why Should I Give it a Try?

There are SO many reasons why you should try out an escape room for yourself! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most important reasons why!

1.Team Building/Family Bonding: Nothing can help a team or a family grow closer to one another more than collaborating to solve a problem, talking through the parts of the puzzles, and working together toward a common goal. Whether it be a family outing, a date night, a corporate team building exercise, a birthday party, or anything in between, this is guaranteed to be the perfect activity to do with a group!

2.Awesome Challenge for Your Brain: Solving puzzles in an escape room helps to challenge your brain, helping improve your critical thinking and attention to detail. And the variety of puzzles there are to solve help stretch your brain in a ton of different ways, from word puzzles to number puzzles to everything in between!

3.Live V.R.: One of the coolest things about an escape room is that it’s like stepping into a video game. Escape rooms come in different themes, and the story behind the room is captivating for all ages. Whether it be stopping an evil scientist from destroying the world or solving a mystery in a medical lab, escape rooms give you a full adventure experience without any screens or controllers!

Stay tuned for more information on the escape rooms coming soon to Xtreme Indoors fun center!!!

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