Country Folks will soon be opening the newest addition to the store: the X-treme Indoors fun center! With dozens of different activities all under the same roof, you are guaranteed to find something the entire family will love to do! The extensive list of new activities will include:

Mini Bowling

All the fun of traditional bowling but smaller! This faster paced, smaller scale game is the perfect size for you and the whole family and guaranteed to keep everyone engaged the whole time. Mini bowling doesn’t require special shoes, so there’s less setup for you to complete before you can start. And with the rapid scoring system, the game moves quickly for more fun for everyone!

The Hot Seat

An explosive two-minute escape room experience! You are locked in a chamber with a big wooden chair and a few clues how to get out. You will have two minutes to solve the puzzle and stop the timer. Sounds easy enough, right? Except there’s a catch! Once the timer starts you can’t let go of the red button in the middle of the chair. If you let up on the button or run out of time you lose, and you will be blasted with “failure gas”. What’s more, the walls of the room are clear, so the rest of your friends and family can watch you try to complete the game, making it fun for not only the person in the hot seat but also the people watching!

Laser Maze

A visually exciting, challenging game that tests your coordination skills! You enter a room full of laser beams going every direction and are tasked with making your way through the twisted maze to the other side. You must figure out how to navigate your way over, under and between the lasers to beat the game and claim victory!

Escape Rooms

Two super fun experiences that will challenge your ability to solve logic puzzles and pick up on clues around you! You are locked in a room and given an hour to figure out how to get out. All the clues you need to escape are in the room somewhere, but some of them are much less obvious than others. And one clue leads to another, so there is a specific order you must complete the steps in or else the puzzle will remain unsolved. Each of the two separate rooms has a different theme and a different puzzle, and both rooms are super difficult but incredibly fun experiences for the whole group!

Games and Prizes

Dozens of fun arcade-style games and tons of awesome prizes! Come try your hand at all the awesome games for a chance to cash in for some great prizes!

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