One of the newest attractions coming with the Grand Opening this weekend is the Hot Seat, an explosive two-minute escape room guaranteed to be a blast for anyone brave enough to try it!

But What is a Hot Seat?

Never heard of a Hot Seat? Well then imagine this: you’re in a room with a giant wooden chair, very few clues and only your own brilliant mind to help you figure out how to escape. There’s a timer counting down, and you have two minutes to solve the puzzle and stop the timer or else you lose and face the “failure gas”.

The catch? While you’re working on the puzzles, you can’t let go of the red button in the middle of the seat. Whether it be with your hand or your foot, you must continually hold down the button. Let up on that button and you LOSE!

And what’s more, the walls of the room are glass so your friends and family can watch you attempt the puzzle and cheer you on!

Are you courageous enough to test your skills in the Hot Seat? Head over to Xtreme Indoors for the Grand Opening this weekend and try it for yourself! There will also be mini bowling and arcade games opening the same weekend so there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone in the family!

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