Not only will the Grand Opening of the Xtreme Indoors Fun Center bring Mini Bowling, the Hot Seat escape room and dozens of awesome Redemption Games, it will also bring a ton of games just for fun! With shooting games, driving games, and twists on classic video games, everyone in the family is guaranteed to find something they’ll love!

Driving Games

Do you love super fast driving games? Then this is the game category for you! You can own the roads in these awesome Cruis’n Blast games, doing awesome tricks on one of the selection of amazing tracks!

Shooting Games

Test your reflexes on the trigger with one of the amazing shooting games! Shoot the bad guys in the Terminator game or giant sea monsters in the Island game! With engaging storylines and awesome graphics, you’ll love trying these shooting games out!

Twists on the Classics

Do you love the classic games like Pac-Man or Space Invaders? Then you’re guaranteed to love these new versions of them! Battle your friends in Pac-Man Battle Royale, and battle enemies to save the earth in the larger-than-life Space Invaders Frenzy!

No matter which type of game is your favorite, we have them all! Come by the Grand Opening of the Xtreme Indoors Fun Center the weekend to find your favorite!!!

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